7 git commands that every developer should know.

Everyone should know how to use a version control because it is important to be able to see your history of code you been working on.

Git is a very powerful and a common version control system.

what is git

It is a popular version control system

relevant commands

There is a lot of commands. Here are a few important commands that everyone should know.

git init

This is where everything is stored.

git clone [url]

Copies a git repository located at url into a new directory in your working directory. Includes all files, history and branches.

A “fork” on Github will create your own copy of a repository. (makes you the owner of a new copy)

git status

Shows current state of the repository. Displays changed files, added files, and removed files.

In simple terms it shows you the status of everything.

git add [path]

Tell Git to include all the files at a [path] in the next commit. If you modify the files after git-adding them, git will remember their initial state when you added them.

To cancel the git add use the git reset. which just undos git add.

git reset [path]

what is index

Index is tracking the difference between the working directory and any commits you make. Index are things that are staged for next commit.

git reset [–soft | –hard] [commit]

restores state to a specific commit

– soft flag will not affect files – hard files will discard all changes

git commit [-a] [-m [message]]

creates a new checkpoint in the project status along with a message. Stores the state of any added files.

Use the -a flag to automatically add all tracked files (files already know to git from previous git add commands)

Use -m flag to use the message as the commit message


Git is a very powerful tool to help you keep your files safe.

The commands every should know are…

happy coding

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